Full-Stack Web Development

Front End

Front-end development is constantly evolving. Having a firm foundation in the building blocks of the web, including HTML5, SASS and ES2016, allows me to work with whatever framework your product requres. I have worked at varying levels with VueJS, React, Elm and jQuery.

Back End

I primarily use Ruby on Rails or NodeJS for back-end development, but I also have used WordPress and Ghost, two popular content management systems.


The modern programmer has an extensive toolkit available, beyond what is needed to actually build an app. Using the command line is crucial, as well as version control (git), package management (RubyGems, NPM), and command line tools for managing your code (Grunt, Gulp, SASS).



Built in Ruby on Rails, this app uses the Reddit API and Nokogiri (Ruby web scraper) to pair up beautiful images with inspirational quotes.
code demo


Play the classic game right in your browser! Built in vanilla JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
code and demo


The challenge was to make a Wikipedia viewer. It was supposed to search the Wikipedia API and give you a list of articles that match your search results, as well as an option to be taken to a random page.

I decided to take it one step further and actually let you view the Wikipedia content.
code demo


Wendy is an "intuitive healer". She needed a website that would reflect her personal sense of style, but also the professional nature of her work.
check it out!

Parnell Child Neuropsychology

The client was using a website that a family member had designed for her. While it was serviceable, she wanted something more modern and stylish. It was important to her to reuse certain logo elements and imagery from her old site, so we built the design around them.
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Automatically checks to see if you are done typing, then updates the display with your message.
Code and Demo