Id75 Day 2

Created: Wed Nov 04 2020 11:59:00 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) Tags: tech,hacking,keyboard,computing,home_office

Day 2 of using an ortholinear keyboard is pretty rough. My typing style is less “hands on the home row” and more “be person who has used a keyboard and just know where all the letters are”. On a normal keeb, I tend to use two fingers and a thumb (per hand) for everything. That isn’t possible here, so I’m mavis beaconing the crap out of this keyboard. Typing is very slow.

Typing Test Screen Shot - 18wpm, 2 typos

I’m absolutely loving QMK though, and I can’t believe the power is offers. On layer 1 (not 0), I have set the arrow keys to emit mouse events. I can move the pointer using them as well as left and right click. Additionally, with all the typos, I got pretty sick of reaching for the backspace key, so I remapped j and k to work as backspace and enter respectively. There are a lot of keys I never use, so I’d like to relegate them to lower layers (I’m looking at you ins and scroll lock) and use the extra real estate for macros.

I also split the bottom row, and put a key for toggling between levels in between b and v.