Created: Mon Dec 28 2020 11:59:00 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) Tags: software,computing,rust,hacking,unixtools



So here I am, a week or so into being a Rustacean™. To experiment, I whipped up a little program that takes a string and then reprints it to the console with an ascii drawing of a popular cartoon cat. Basically cowsay but less moo moo and more meow meow.

It might seem like a silly project, but I think it was a better first project than a number guessing game or a to-do list. You can say what you want about JavaScript, but there is a lot less mental overhead required for this kind of thing in a scripting language.

I was all set to walk away when a friend submitted a PR to allow the use of args. My original implementation only supported piping, but now garfsay is a full-on cowsay clone. Then, I thought, why keep the fun for myself, and I bundled that bad boy up and pushed it to where it awaits installation by anyone who has a use for a program with no use.

If you have Rust installed on your machine, feel free to cargo install garfsay, or otherwise stay tuned here and eventually I’ll post a binary.

Anyway, feel free to check the project out at it’s new home